Eufy Benefits For Homeowners and Renters

Eufy offers low-cost home security products that are designed to be easy to install and operate. Their devices include different camera styles, alarm systems and smart locks.

They also offer a free self-monitoring option, which eliminates monthly monitoring fees. The cameras store local video footage and use strong end-to-end encryption to ensure your privacy.

1. No Monthly Monitoring Fees

Eufy has a lot to offer homeowners and renters alike, and one of the most attractive aspects is that they don’t charge monthly fees. This is especially true for their 5-piece home alarm kit and its 4 varieties of 2K cameras.

Unlike its competitors, Eufy doesn’t offer cloud storage for its devices, but it does make a decent effort to store and display your camera footage locally via a 16GB microSD card or on its HomeBase hub located in your home. It also has an impressively designed app to control all of your devices. Interestingly, they also have a cool-looking smart lock and safe (opens in a new tab) that is worth the price of admission. For example, the smart lock uses your fingerprint to unlock the door – a feature you won’t find anywhere else.

2. High-Quality Video Recordings

If you’re a professional, then you may need a high-quality video recording tool. These can be used for various purposes, including screen recordings, games, and even live streams.

Unlike other home security cameras, eufy benefits allow you to save video footage on built-in storage or a microSD card. This means you won’t have to pay monthly subscription fees for cloud storage, and you can save money by paying for a year instead of month-to-month.

Eufy also integrates with voice assistant platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to call up live feeds using voice commands. It’s a great way to check on your home when you’re away from the house or if you don’t have access to a smartphone.

3. Self-Monitoring

Self-monitoring tools are an important component of weight management programs. However, adherence to self-monitoring is often suboptimal and tends to decrease over time.

To address this, research has shown that newer technology-based tools may improve self-monitoring adherence and weight loss outcomes. Specifically, these tools may provide participants with supportive accountability (i.e., someone checking to see if they self-monitored) and nonjudgmental feedback, which can increase adherence.

Eufy cameras use a hub called HomeBase to store video footage locally, control them, and access advanced features like facial recognition. All of these functions are available at no additional cost with eufy security cameras, and all of the footage is protected by strong end-to-end encryption.

4. Easy to Set Up

One of the best things about eufy benefits is that it’s very easy to set up. They offer a straightforward setup process with clear directions and video tutorials.

Eufy’s home security cameras are incredibly simple to install and use. You simply plug the devices into a HomeBase hub and wire them up to your home’s network.

The cameras also have 16GB of 256-bit encrypted local storage, which you can access from the HomeBase hub and the eufy app. This is a significant advantage over most other brands as it keeps your footage local and removes the need for cloud video storage.

The eufy Home Base is a great way to store your videos and control all of your cameras. It’s important to remember that it needs a strong WiFi signal to function properly and should be placed in a central location, away from other electronic devices that might interfere with its connection.

5. Convenient Integrations

You can use your Eufy system to monitor the security of your home without having to rely on an alarm company. The eufy app offers access to live video footage, motion detection, and advanced facial recognition. You can also use it to control your Eufy Smart Cameras and the eufy Doorbell, Window, or Entry Sensor. In addition, Eufy’s cameras offer local storage for up to 60 years of video recordings. All of this is secured by military-grade encryption. This is especially important for customers who may have sensitive information stored in their cameras. Unlike some other security companies, eufy does not sell or rent this data to third parties. In fact, the only people who have access to the footage are you and the company that you purchased the storage from.