VOLT – A Crypto Token With a Wide Range of Benefits

VOLT is a crypto token with a wide range of benefits. It’s a hyper-deflationary coin which means that its circulating supply is gradually being whittled away, making it worth more and more.

VOLT is also one of the first coins to offer a crypto shopping service called Crypto Cart. This service lets VOLT holders buy real-world goods from more than 1,700 sellers without having to undergo KYC procedures.


VOLT is a hyper-deflationary token launched on Ethereum and BNB Chain in December 2021. It uses a unique system to whittle away its circulating supply and generate passive income through treasury investment, yield farms, platform token listing fees, stablecoin staking, and NFT fractionalization.

Currently, VOLT is trading on 110 crypto exchanges and has gained exposure to a wider audience. The upcoming integration of VOLT on Huobi will further boost its visibility and help it attract a new user base.

In addition, VOLT is set to be migrated from its current smart contract to a new one. This should accelerate its growth and make it easier to list on centralized exchanges. It will also improve VOLT’s security and reduce the risk of bridge attacks. Moreover, it will increase its liquidity and allow users to get paid in VOLT easily.

VOLT Crypto Cart

VOLT Crypto Cart is a service that allows users to purchase real-world goods with VOLT tokens without having to undergo KYC procedures. Moreover, it offers a range of benefits to VOLT holders.

Those who hold VOLT can now buy goods from more than 1,700 sellers worldwide using their tokens. This is a great way to earn extra money while enjoying the convenience of buying products without having to convert your cryptocurrency into fiat currency.

Currently, VOLT is listed on Hotbit and Singapore-based XT, with Bitmart expected to launch its listing soon. In addition, it is a member of MelegaSwap’s liquidity pools and offers rewards with over 300 APR. Additionally, VOLT’s migration to a smart contract will supply the project with improved features.

VOLT Launchpad

VOLT Launchpad is an online store that allows users to buy real-world goods with their VOLT tokens. Additionally, it eliminates KYC procedures so that VOLT holders can easily make purchases without risking their money.

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The towers are positioned to intercept lightning and steer its current away from the mobile launcher. The system is designed to completely protect the mobile launcher and its rocket from lightning strikes – the type that can damage spacecraft and rockets if not intercepted quickly enough.


VOLT Swap is one of the most exciting innovations to come out of the crypto space. It’s a defi mashup that brings together the best of both worlds, combining fixed rate trading with variable alpha.

Unlike some other defi solutions, Volt’s product is built on a multi-chain platform that can help any project make it into the stratosphere by utilizing existing liquidity pools on popular protocols.

Using a custom crypto chip and a little know-how, Volt has put together the first ever resistant cross chain asset DEX that will change the way we think about investing in cryptocurrency. The technology is just the tip of the iceberg, as Volt’s vision is to build on top of the current meter platform and create a new generation of blockchain infrastructure for the future of finance.

VOLT NOWPayments

VOLT NOWPayments is a crypto payment gateway that enables businesses to accept and send payments in VOLT. It also offers a variety of tools for integrating VOLT as a payment method, such as crypto invoices and a Point-of-Sale terminal.

NOWPayments is also a non-custodial service, so your funds remain secure and private at all times. It also eliminates the need to set up a custodial account, which can be complicated and expensive for businesses.

NOWPayments also offers a variety of solutions for deploying VOLT as a salary payment solution. This way, firms can reach employees located all over the world quickly and easily without compromising on the speed or cost of transactions.